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Top Secret AI Design Hack

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From tennis to pickleball with a little AI magic! Watch as we unleash our top-secret design hack to turn pixels into perfection!

Hey there, fellow marketing magicians! We're here to spill the beans on how we've solved a dilemma that had our client stuck with tennis pictures when they needed pickleball perfection. Brace yourselves for the introduction of our AI sidekick, Dall E 2, as we take you through the steps of how we're utilizing AI to generate images for our ads. Get ready for some marketing mastery mixed with a dash of AI sorcery!

Step 1: Client's Conundrum: Tennis Pictures vs. Pickleball Perfection

Our client found themselves in quite the pickle—literally! They were drowning in a sea of tennis images when they needed pickleball-specific visuals to make their ads stand out. Enter Sneeze It, armed with our trusty AI sidekick, Dall E 2, to save the day!

Step 2: Meet Dall E 2: Our AI Sidekick

Dall E 2 is the superhero of our AI arsenal. This magical AI model has been trained on a colossal dataset of images, allowing it to comprehend and generate visuals with uncanny precision. Say goodbye to tennis and hello to pickleball perfection!

Step 3: Upload and Erase

With Dall E 2 by our side, we simplify the process. Our clients can now upload their existing tennis photos to our platform. Using our handy eraser tool, they can effortlessly remove the tennis elements from the image, leaving behind a blank canvas ready for pickleball pizzazz!

Step 4: Tell AI What You Need

Now comes the fun part—telling our AI sorcerer what we desire. Our clients provide a clear and concise description of the pickleball elements they want to see in their ads. It could be the perfect paddle, a mesmerizing pickleball court, or even a group of enthusiastic players. The more detailed, the better!

Step 5: Click Generate and Let the Magic Unfold

With a confident click of the "Generate" button, we unleash Dall E 2's magic. Our AI sidekick takes the client's vision, processes it with its powerful algorithms, and generates a multitude of awe-inspiring pickleball images that perfectly align with the client's desires. It's like watching a magician pull rabbits out of a hat!

Step 6: Choose Your Favorite

With a delightful abundance of pickleball-perfect images at our fingertips, we invite our clients to peruse the gallery of generated visuals. They get to choose their favorite from the batch, ensuring that it resonates with their brand, captures attention, and satisfies their pickleball cravings.

Step 7: Ta Da! Happy Client!

And there you have it—a happy client equipped with remarkable pickleball ads! Our unique blend of AI sorcery and marketing mastery has transformed a pickleball predicament into a roaring success. With Sneeze It, you can count on us to deliver ads that dazzle and stand out on the court!


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