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CosMc’s: McDonald’s Latest Venture into The Beverage World

Blog_december 11

Solving the 3 p.m. Slump with CosMc’s

Get ready to experience a new kind of refreshment as McDonald's unveils its latest concept, CosMc’s. Positioned as the ultimate solution to the dreaded 3 p.m. slump, CosMc’s is not just another fast-food venture—it's a beverage-centric revolution. With its grand debut in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and plans for expansion in Texas, CosMc’s is set to redefine the way we think about McDonald's.


A Menu That's Out of This World

CosMc’s boasts a comprehensive menu with five unique beverage categories: Signature Galactic Boosts, iced teas and lemonades, slushes and frappes, brews, and an array of fountain and bottled drinks. But it doesn’t stop there. The menu also features sandwiches, bites, baked goods, soft serve, and classic "From the McDonald’s Universe" items like the Egg McMuffin and McFlurry. 


Unique Beverages and More

The beverage options are not only vast but also customizable, featuring unique offerings like the turmeric spiced latte, pomegranate hibiscus slush, and sour tango lemonade. In addition to the traditional McMuffin lineup, CosMc’s introduces new delights like the spicy queso sandwich and the creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich.

The Bites: A Culinary Adventure

CosMc’s bites are a journey in themselves, with options like savory hash brown bites, pretzel bites, and an assortment of McPops in flavors like cookie butter, apple cinnamon, and hazelnut. 

The Concept Behind CosMc’s
A Response to a Market Demand

McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, emphasizes that CosMc’s aims to capture the afternoon market, a segment where McDonald's has seen underperformance. With the specialty beverage and coffee market booming, McDonald’s entry into this space is a strategic move to capitalize on a growing trend and meet rising consumer demand.

Beyond Just Beverages

What sets CosMc’s apart is not just its menu, but also its operational innovations. The first location features four drive-thru lanes designed to de-stress and streamline the customer experience. Visual menu boards guide customers through the ordering process, while a flexible labor model ensures efficient service.

The Bigger Picture for McDonald's
Ideation to Execution

The idea of CosMc’s, inspired by McDonald’s alien character from the 1980s, checks three critical boxes for the company: differentiation, global appeal, and strong economic potential. This venture reflects McDonald’s commitment to innovation and expansion into new market segments.

A Future of Possibilities

With CosMc’s, McDonald’s is not just launching a new concept; it's opening doors to a range of new opportunities and extending its brand into uncharted territories. The success of CosMc’s could pave the way for more innovative ideas, leveraging McDonald's vast consumer platform.


CosMc’s is more than just a new menu; it's a testament to McDonald’s adaptive and forward-thinking strategy. As the company steps into the specialty beverage and coffee market, it's not just competing – it's setting a new standard. With CosMc’s, McDonald’s is poised to transform the afternoon snack time into an exciting, flavor-filled experience. Get ready to explore the galaxy of flavors at CosMc’s, where every sip promises to be an adventure!

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