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Instagram Teases New Engagement Stickers for Stories

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Instagram consistently innovates to remain at the forefront. Their recent unveiling of engagement stickers may redefine how businesses and influencers interact with their audiences. Here's what every business owner needs to know about these fresh tools.

The “App” Sticker: A Game-Changer for Promotions

Instagram is in the advanced stages of developing the “App” sticker for its Stories. Essentially, this sticker provides a direct pathway for users to champion other apps. As the holiday season approaches, businesses need to be alert. If launched in time, anticipate a surge of influencers utilizing this sticker to highlight retail apps and special offers, especially leading up to significant sales events. For marketing teams, this is a golden opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

The “Secret” Sticker: A Novel Way to Engage

Another innovative addition is the “Secret” sticker. Unique in its approach, this sticker only becomes visible to those who engage with the Story by sending a message. The content creator then holds the reins, deciding who gains access to the 'secret'. This intriguing feature promises to ignite direct responses and heightened engagement, creating a more intimate interaction with audiences.

“Music Pick” Sticker: Share, Collaborate, and Engage

Venturing into the realm of shared musical experiences, Instagram presents the “Music Pick” sticker. This allows followers to contribute their current favorite tracks, cultivating a collective playlist. The idea? A communal mixtape experience. However, as with any shared platform, the vast spectrum of musical tastes could either harmonize or clash, so it remains to be seen how universally appealing this feature will be.

More Than Just Stickers

While the aforementioned stickers are making waves, it's worth noting that Instagram announced several other updates at its “Instagram University” event in New York. Features like audio notes, designated close friend groups, and birthday reminders are all part of Instagram’s pivot towards fostering intimate group sharing. This shift mirrors a larger trend observed on Instagram: users are progressively moving away from broad public postings, gravitating instead towards cozy group chats.

In a revealing statement last year, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri highlighted the evolution of user behavior. He observed a pronounced uptick in story postings and direct messaging, while traditional feed posts waned. This insight has been instrumental in Instagram's strategy, with the main feed evolving into a discovery platform spotlighting primarily trending video content. Meanwhile, the intimate social interactions progressively transition to more private spaces.


For business owners, understanding and adapting to these shifts is crucial. Instagram's new features, especially the engagement stickers, offer a plethora of opportunities to connect, engage, and convert. The digital landscape is changing; make sure your business strategy evolves with it.

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