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New Social Media Features for Q4 of 2023

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As the year winds down, the social media landscape is brimming with exciting new features. These updates are not just about enhancing user experience; they offer fresh opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience. Here’s a look at the latest features and how they could impact your business.

X's Algorithm Update and Job Search Engine

Tweaked Recommendation Algorithm: X is updating its recommendation algorithm. According to Elon Musk, this change aims to "help surface smaller accounts and posts outside of your friend-follows network." This is great news for businesses, especially smaller ones seeking greater visibility on the platform. 

Impact on Ad Revenue: The Washington Times reports that this move could increase ad revenue access for these users. Previously, only large creators on X reaped significant monetary benefits. This change levels the playing field, encouraging more businesses to transition from platforms like YouTube to X.

X Job Search: TechRadar informs that X's job search engine, X Job Search, is now fully operational. Initially in beta, this feature allows users to search for jobs by keywords and location. It's a fantastic tool for businesses looking to hire and for professionals seeking new opportunities.

Meta’s Innovations

Ad-Free Subscription Plan: Social Media Today highlights Meta's €9.99 monthly ad-free subscription plan, which, while eliminating ads, also restricts users from running their own ads. This is vital for businesses to consider when deciding between a traditional or ad-free account.

AI-Powered Editing and Creation Tools: Meta is diving deep into AI with tools like Emu for image generation and Emu Video, as reported by The Verge. These tools offer businesses innovative ways to create engaging, AI-generated content for platforms like Instagram.

Messenger's New Notes Feature: Meta’s Messenger app introduces "Notes," allowing users to share updates with contacts for 24 hours. This feature can be a quick, effective way for businesses to communicate brief updates or promotions.

Threads and Instagram Updates

Tagging Methods Experiment: On Threads, Meta's Mark Zuckerberg announced a tagging methods test in Australia. This could signify new ways for businesses to tag and interact with content.

Threads Account Deletion: Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, shared on Threads that users now have the option to delete their Threads accounts. This gives users and businesses greater control over their digital presence.


These updates offer a mix of challenges and opportunities. The key for businesses is to stay adaptable and leverage these features to enhance visibility, engagement, and operational efficiency. As we step into the new year, these social media innovations could be game-changers in how businesses connect with their audiences online.

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