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Pinterest Predicts 2024: A Peek into Emerging Trends

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In the dynamic world of trend forecasting, marketing firms are turning their attention to Pinterest, the visual discovery engine boasting 482 million users who plan their next significant moves. Pinterest serves as an invaluable crystal ball into the future, and today, the focus is on Pinterest Predicts 2024 – a collection of not-yet-trending reports that offer a sneak peek into the emerging trends that will shape the coming year.

Why Pinterest's Insights Stand Apart:

Pinterest Predicts, a comprehensive guide to what people will shop, try, and buy next, distinguishes itself in the realm of trend reports. Pinterest's unique advantage lies in the fact that trends on the platform tend to emerge earlier than anywhere else on the internet. Take, for instance, "Dopamine Dressing," a Pinterest Predicts 2022 trend that witnessed an 11x increase in mentions across the internet just eight months after being called on the platform. This illustrates Pinterest's exceptional predictive powers.

Over the past four years, Pinterest has achieved an impressive 80% success rate in predicting trends. This consistent accuracy underscores the reliability of Pinterest Predicts in anticipating upcoming trends.

A Peek into Pinterest's Predictive Process:
  1. Dive into Big Data:

Pinterest begins by analyzing the billions of searches happening on the platform, providing insights into the aspirations and plans of millions of individuals actively shaping their lives. This information is then layered with machine-learning-backed predictive methodology, ensuring Pinterest is at the forefront of calling the most cutting-edge trends.

  1. Distill the Trends:

Following the initial data pull, cross-functional teams of creatives, strategists, and researchers come together to identify patterns. Pinterest distills searches into 20+ distinct trends, collaborating with external vendors to ensure inclusivity and global representation.

  1. Check for the Climb:

Accountability is at the heart of Pinterest's process. The platform consistently "grades itself" to ensure the trends it predicts continue to gain momentum. This commitment to accuracy has paid off, with 80% of predicted trends coming true over the last four consecutive years.


As we step into 2024, Pinterest Predicts continues to be a trusted compass, guiding marketing firms through the trends that will shape our lives. With a track record of success and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Pinterest Predicts stands as a testament to the power of foresight in the fast-paced world of trends. Explore what's next with Pinterest Predicts 2024, ensuring marketers are ahead of the curve in decoding upcoming trends.

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