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New Advertising Features Unveiled at Pinterest Presents

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Pinterest, the visual discovery engine we've all come to love, has yet again dished out some exciting advertising updates at their recent Pinterest Presents 2023 event. Let's unravel these new features that are set to revolutionize how brands connect with their audience.

Expanding the 'Premiere Spotlight' Horizon

We were first introduced to the Premiere Spotlight ad unit in March. This fantastic feature allowed brands to essentially dominate the Search page, positioning their ads at the top-of-feed for maximum visibility.

But Pinterest didn't stop there! They're now expanding the Premiere Spotlight's reach. Brands will now have the privilege of showcasing similar-sized ads in **user home feeds**. Picture this: a user logs into their Pinterest app, and the first thing they see is your brand's prominently placed ad, oozing creativity and urging a click.

For brands, especially those aiming to introduce new products that align with Pinterest's user base, this is golden. Yes, it's a premium-priced ad, but the visibility it ensures makes it worth every penny.

The Rise of 'Showcase' and 'Quiz' Ads*

With the intent to up the ante in user engagement, Pinterest introduced Showcase and Quiz ads.

Showcase Ads: Imagine a user swiping through a promotional carousel that dives deeper into your product's context. For instance, these ads could transform into guides weaving your products or give a detailed explainer about the product's essence.

Quiz Ads: These are beyond just showcasing. Quiz ads interact with users by posing pertinent questions. With the possibility of including up to three questions, brands have the opportunity to craft an immersive experience. This not only provides entertainment but also steers the consumer closer to a decisive purchase.

Driving Traffic: Direct and Mobile Deep Links

Come July, Pinterest had already treated advertisers to mobile deep-linking, which instantly redirected users to a specific page within a retailer's app. This feature undeniably made the transition from product discovery to shopping seamless.

Expanding on this, Pinterest now offers direct links. These are the game-changers, transporting a user from an ad right to a retailer's website in a single click! The journey from product discovery to checkout has never been this smooth.

In Conclusion

Pinterest's latest advertising features, unveiled at *Pinterest Presents 2023*, are setting the stage for a more interactive, engaging, and smooth user experience. For brands, this means more visibility, better engagement, and potentially higher conversion rates. It's time to revamp your Pinterest ad strategy and tap into these fantastic new opportunities!

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